Tree of Life Necklace Set

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The Tree of Life, or the Evliya Tree, rises from the very middle of the world, according to belief; its roots go underground, and its branches rise to the top of the world mountain. Thus, this sacred tree connects all three layers of the earth (heaven, earth and underground).

It is seen as the tree of the life of the person who carries this symbol on it and represents the continuity of his life. At the same time, the tree of life symbolizes being healthy and long-lived and a fertile life. With all these features, the Tree of Life Necklace Team is a candidate to become the object of desire.

The team's necklace is 1'5.7" long.

The necklaces and earrings are coated with rhodium, the third most expensive metal in the world among precious metals. The stones on it are first quality zircon.

Like all products, this product should be kept away from chemicals such as perfumes, creams, deodorants, sunscreens and should not be brought into contact with chlorinated water.

To protect it from sweat, it should be wiped with a clean cloth after each use.

The handcrafted product is recommended to be used with care and attention for long-term use.


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