Double Ring Moonstone Necklace - Gold

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Color Gold


Moonlight Reflecting Stone

The Moon Stone, which is connected with the Moon energy, is a special stone that balances those who have problems with the Moon in their horoscope.

In Vedic Astrology, the Moon is associated with the mind and our emotional connections. The Moonstone is used to heal the mind and emotional traumas, to reduce stress, anxiety and delusions.

It is one of the stones connected with relationships and our love life. When used with Pink Quartz or Pink Opal, this stone, which allows us to connect with our emotional energy, emotional desires and spaces, helps you attract attention, attract love and emotional relationships into your life and strengthen your relationships with the opposite sex.

Apart from improving psychic abilities, Moonstone is also very useful for getting rid of psychic attacks and cleansing from energies coming from others. Especially during Full Moon periods, it greatly helps the person to lighten the emotional ups and downs, mental burdens and emotional weights.
Moonstone, which is linked to the reproductive cycle, is believed to accelerate this process when used with this intention during periods when you want to have children. In ancient times, it was used as an alternative to treatments to have children.

It supports the digestive and reproductive system. It is a great help for digesting life and overcoming traumas in relationships. While it is good for insomnia, it strengthens the news received through dreams and intuitive communication. Chain Length: 1'7.7" Stone Size: Variable (Average 1.5 - 0.8")

✓ Avoid contact with liquids (including water, salt water, chlorine), perfumes, lotions, cosmetics and chemicals.
✓ Remove your jewelry before showering, swimming, exercising and sleeping.
✓ Wipe periodically with a clean, soft cloth.


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