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Tiger of the Stones!

Believed to be nourished by the energy of the sun, Tiger's Eye has been used as a special protector against talismans since ancient times, correcting the imbalances created by the evil eye, envy and negative influences on our body, allowing us to return to our own potential. It is a powerful stone and with its special vibration, it grounds us and resolves our contradictions, weaknesses and self-confidence problems.

It helps us to get away from the habits we are addicted to and can't break away from, and to look at life with more clarity and willpower. On the other hand, it is very useful for those who want to develop their spiritual energies and is known to connect with our kundalini frequency. Strengthening the 6th Chakra, Tiger Eye is also the symbolic stone of KETU, which has an important place in Vedic Astrology. Since it is a stone with strong energy, I recommend using it as a bracelet rather than a necklace.

I have prepared a special design for you using only a silver apparatus, befitting the power of the Eye of the Tiger. The use of "Eye of the Tiger" type stones together with silver for the correct transfer of their energy causes the effect to be felt more.

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✓ Avoid contact with liquids (including water, salt water, chlorine), perfumes, lotions, cosmetics and chemicals.
✓ Remove your jewelry before showering, swimming, exercising and sleeping.
✓ Wipe periodically with a clean, soft cloth.


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